Media Leadership Style Analysis of Michael Eisner

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Media Leadership Style Analysis of Michael Eisner
Whitney M. Wright
Regent University Media Leadership Style Analysis of Michael Eisner Media Leadership Example
Michael Eisner was recruited by Walt Disney Company from Paramount Pictures in 1984 to help Disney out of its financial slump in the 80’s. Eisner helped revamp Disney’s theme parks as well as rejuvenating their movie studio. In the process, Eisner helped “make Disney into a television powerhouse, climaxing those efforts with the takeover of Capital Cities-ABC…yet when Michael Eisner assumed leadership of the company, Disney was in trouble. It was Eisner and his staff who turned the ailing theme park
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Eisner insists on having control over the creative process, and that he has to authorize all story development. This creates an atmosphere where writers, composers, animators, and actors do not perform their best, because they have no say in story development. This results in films that under perform at the box office” (The Walt Disney Resource). 3.) Eisner “has failed to negotiate fair contracts with some of Disney’s greatest assets…including Disney’s top writers, composers, animators, actors, and partners. Jeffrey Katzenberg, Hilary Duff, and Pixar Animation are just a few of the recognizable names that have left the Disney Family because Michael was unwilling to pay them what they are worth. Miramax has threatened to leave the company as well” (The Walt Disney Resource). 4.) Eisner’s “desire to cut costs has resulted in many poor quality films and merchandise” (The Walt Disney Resource), and 5.) Eisner “has mismanaged the theme parks…and has tried to save money by cutting down on maintenance costs” (The Walt Disney Resource) where the upkeep is eroding.
Application and Analysis of Leadership Styles
Upon reviewing Eisner’s domineering, harsh, and autocratic management style seems to echo a combination of Pseudo-Transformational, Transactional, and Path-Goal leadership styles. Eisner referred to his upper management key people in negative, derogatory, and abusive terms such as: “Jeffrey

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