Media Magic Making Class Invisible

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supports his statement that the class you are in effects you in the classroom and your level of achievement, by using statistics from researcher William Sewell. Sewell “showed a positive correlation between class and overall educational achievement. In comparing the top quartile (25%) of his sample to the bottom quartile, he found that students from upper-class families were twice as likely to obtain training beyond high school and four times as likely to attain a postgraduate degree” (pp.342-343). Sewell concluded: “socioeconomic background…operates independently of academic ability at every stage in the process of educational attainment”( pp.342-343). The point here is that again, if your parents make $100,000 a year, you are…show more content…
In his response to prove the media wrong Mantsios says: “The images that are seared into our minds are sexist, racist and classist. Census figures reveal that most of the poor are white not black or Hispanic, that they live in rural or suburban areas, not urban centers, and hold jobs at least part of the year” (Media magic). In both articles that Mantsios wrote, he gives sufficient examples to support his statements, he gives clear, and concise facts to back himself up. Not only does he give clear concise examples, he gives numerous examples, he does not just give you one example and try to protest that he is right. He gives you three or four specific examples to prove his point, and leaves it up to the reader to support him or not. Although Mantsios does a fairly good job at giving examples, statistics and data, he does have one weakness. He only shows one side of the profiled lives of people, meaning that he only shows how the person’s life went, if they were wealthy or upper class people. He did not give and example of a poor or lower class citizen, so the reader cannot see what happens to children whose parents were poor or only had a low paying job. This is a problem for Mantsios because he argues that the class you are in effects your life, but he only shows how it effects rich peoples lives. Mantsios only gives one end of the spectrum in this
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