Essay on Media Models In Everyday Life

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The movie Invictus brings up several key points about the media in everyday life. One of the most prominent points brought up in the film is that sports have the power to bring people together and unite them with a common goal. Sports are an enormous part of the media and cultures all over the world. Whether it be the Super-bowl, World Cup, or Olympics, millions of people continue to unite and cheer for the teams they support. The reason in which sports often unites people is that it gives people something in common with one another. No matter what race, age, or gender, people of all types enjoy watching and supporting sports teams which is why it is such a powerful means to unite people. The majority of viewers are never…show more content…
However, the country was still separated as black vs. white, and it was Mandela’s goal to change that. The meme Nelson Mandela was trying to spread was “One Team-One Country” through use of the rugby team the Springboks. The Springbok’s once symbolized apartheid, which is why using them to united the people of South Africa was initially very challenging. About a year after his election, South Africa was due to host the World Cup of Rugby, and Nelson Mandela used this enormous stage to his advantage. He says “A billion people watching us? This is a great opportunity.” Its was a great opportunity because television is the single most powerful force in shaping our cultural discourse and how we view the world. (Spectacle Powerpoint). Essentially, hosting the World Cup gave South Africa a reason to unite, and an opportunity to reinvent themselves for the whole world to see via the television. This instance in the movie shows how much influence television and sports can have on a country along with the rest of the world. The Rugby World Cup gave South Africa the opportunity to unite over a common team, which would serve to initiate them into a completely different way of life. This way of life would be to unite together in all aspects not just in sports, which was Nelson Mandela’s goal. In addition, hosting the World Cup could also broadcast to the world that South Africa was no longer a
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