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There has been a steady increasing growth in the technology world. Businesses have had to strategically position themselves in a way that they are able to adapt with the growing and changing technology to cope in the highly competitive environment. Many business ventures in the market place use state of the art information technologies. All businesses need to develop ways in which to take advantage of the opportunities created by the growing technology.
The Ipad is one of the recent technologies making a difference in the business environment. It was released on May 28, 2010 in Australia Canada and Japan and other European Countries. There was some positive response from fans of the device. The ipad has presented a number of business
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Giving the readers the ability to read latest stories and headlines would ensure that they get value for their money. There is also the ability to search other related stories from the publications. Having the articles published, searchable by the readers may be by topic, or by the date would be a plus for the publishing businesses. Something that allows the readers to give their opinions, share their side of the story and rate the articles would help the publisher know their customers’ feelings and reactions to different topics. This is important as it will guide the publishers in establishing the topics and articles that appeals most with their targeted buyers. The ipad from pressmart has a poll feature that would help in getting the readers topics of interest.
There is also the feature of Video and Image gallery that allows readers to access images and videos in a published article. The image can be saved or even sent via email. This enables the readers to share with their friends and relatives. This creates more awareness about the published magazine or newspaper. The Social networking ability where a reader can create a digital community and interact promotes and enlarges the publishers market. The published article could be viewed in a single page view or in a portrait form. The readers can get on-demand delivery of content on their ipad. This means that they are able to get any article published

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