Media Piracy Is Good Or Bad Essay

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Chapter 4 – Media Piracy: Good or Bad?
Since the implementation of IPRs, people around the world have resorted to piracy to consume media. With the rise of the internet, more consumers are increasingly performing online piracy. Distribution of content is simpler as it can be done using a single link via torrent instead of making individual copies for everyone. Not only does it save time, it also “reduces the costs in copying the content onto physical media” (Kirwan, 2011, p. 177). There was lesser risk of conducting piracy over the internet as well. Pirates can simply use virtual private networks (VPNs) to increase their anonymity and thus, evade detection. Nowadays, media files can be compressed to different types of format to accommodate the consumers’ preference, and the device that they are consuming on. For instance, a video is best viewed in mp4 on a smartphone but require a different format on another device. Coupled with faster internet speeds and increased broadband usage, media piracy will continue to increase in the future. While this may be good to some, others are not in favour of
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When the internet emerged and everyone started going online, physical copies became harder to sell. Thus, media companies decided to convert their products digitally and sell them online through websites like iTunes. Not everyone was attracted to this transition though, and this further decreased sales revenue.

People most affected in the media industry are the ones working behind the scenes. When content is illegally taken and distributed, these people will not be paid for their hard work. Jobs cannot be supported and they will be forced to leave. For artistes and other media creators, they may feel that their work is unrewarding and would not be motivated to continue. As a result, not only does piracy bring down the economy, the creative industry will also

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