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Media Piracy In today’s technological age and consumer-driven economy, there is no doubt that media piracy and file sharing are in demand and makes a big business. Not only the so called “bootlegged” materials cost less, but most of it also managed to completely imitate the quality of the original materials. It is much easier to people to download movies or music online or buy bootlegged DVDs for 5 dollars than to watch the movie in theaters or pay for the whole CD when there is only one song that the person likes. People know about the possible consequences of these actions, but they do not have a choice especially in these times of economy recession, plus everyone nowadays is doing it, so it would not be considered such a big deal at…show more content…
According to New York Times, she was fined more than a million dollars, which is five times the amount than her previous penalty, because she was held responsible for downloading and sharing songs through “Kazaa, a peer to peer file sharing,” that breaks the media companies’ copyrights (Itzkoff C2). The court wants her to pay such a huge amount of fine which is totally ridiculous. Her attorneys even argued that “the jury’s verdict is unconstitutional and out of touch with reality” (Ebert). It is true that millions of dollars were being stolen from the media industry, but suing small time people like Jammie, who only downloads music to save money, and making her pay a million dollars is completely out of line and does not actually solve the problem. Most entertainment companies were accusing people of file sharing without any legal proof. Almost all the people in this world are guilty of illegal downloading, yet, the media industry groups are suing those people who cannot defend themselves. Take Joel Tenenbaum for example, according to Boston Globe newspaper, he was “ordered to pay four record labels a total of $675,000 dollars for illegally downloading 30 songs and sharing them online”

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