Media Portrayal Of The Media Essay

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The media portrays Africa in many different lights. How the media publishes these events cause indirect consequences that affect many nations that reside in Africa . The media 's attention can be short and forgotten, or have gripped the entire world watching a moment in history. We see news on a daily basis today more so now with globalization and the speed of information across the world with the power of the internet. Before that, we had to rely on books, television networks, radio, and credible newspapers to get the news. Sometimes the media controlled by a state, or other actors can smear the truth of an event . Even though some of these new reports are on African issues, a lot of them are overshadowed by other international events; domestic events in our countries; and stories of violence and war. The gaining attention of the world can have an impact on an issue in Africa and the waning of that attention will also have an impact. The attention of the world is critical to those impacted by severe consequences yet we ignore that news for stories that publishers know people will read. When we think of Africa, we think of beautiful landscapes; large and strange animals; and a history covered in turmoil. Our perception of Africa is dictated by how we obtain this information. Most of us that live outside of Africa do not visit the continent so we can 't personally see what life is like there. Today we can the news instantaneously with the power of our current technology, but

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