Media Portrayal Of Women And Minorities At The University Of Oregon

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In the” The construction of Masculinity in fast food TV Advertising “Carrier Packwood , Freeman and Debra Merskin , Professors and studies how the media portrays veganism and animal production at the University of Georgia, Debra also teaches and does research on the media portrayal of women and minorities at the University of Oregon . It is challenging that gender has been used construct characters. The authors portray different stereotypes in commercials or advertisements in general which are fast- food products and they urge how this stereotypes are presented .Furthermore they point out this characters which are objectification of women, supreme identity of male and women as freedom takers. These characters have built meanings and it has become something normal in the American population. People are not buying products instead stereotypes of characters. In relation to fast-food products different products also use this stereotypes in commercial and advertisement

In the Carrie and Fressman essay men stereotypical behaviors are portrayed as sovereign or self-independent creatures. They are shown as people who can do better at anything they are the masters. The society today also has grown to defend this because men are put in charge of everything. Moreover the authors claim that men are shown more as employed in more occupations and they often have a voice than the women do. Media have also embedded this stereotype because some commercials used terms as this “equate

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