Media Reaction to Immigration

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Media Reaction to Immigration Name Course Date Submitted Media Reaction to Immigration: The issue of illegal immigration is one of the hotly debated topics in almost every facet of society, especially among political leaders. This topic has also received huge media attention and reaction in the recent past including an article written by William Finnegan and published by The New Yorker. The article focuses on addressing the issue of borderlines and is based on the move by 17 Congress members, who wrote a letter on 28th April 2010 demanding an instant action from President Obama to enhance border security. While the increase in illegal immigration has declined in the recent past, there is still a great need to enhance border security, particularly in the as violence in the neighborhood of U.S. Mexico has continued to escalate at an alarming rate. Therefore, evaluating the need to improve border security to lessening illegal immigration is vital for enhancing the country's security and understanding its impacts on America's economy and labor force. Historical Framework of Illegal Immigration: Illegal immigration has continued to be a major problem in America, particularly in the latter periods of the 20th Century. Notably, the origin of this huge problem can be traced back to the late 19th Century that prompted the enactment of a federal legislation that forbade the entry of prostitutes and convicts in 1875. Prior to the enactment of this law and subsequent
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