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Today the life revolves around media, it is on people's phones, media decorate their walls, and for some media is their job. Since media is such an inescapable part of the modern landscape it is significant that we as individuals understand how the media works and how it affects us. In this course, the nature of the media has been unraveled to reveal the ways that it has impacted society and how it has done this. This class has made me became more critical of the media in my life and now even without thinking I recognize patterns, and in some cases toxic themes in the media I consume. Looking back on this semester and what I have learned I can see that I have become more media literate in many ways, primarily in the areas of awareness and analysis. I have become more aware of the way media is constructed. Some things that have stood out to me since I have started this course is for example the other day when I flew into the ST. Louis airport after Thanksgiving break one of the monitors in baggage claim said that it was “CLear Channel TV” before this course I do not know what clear channel was and I knew that the entertainment business was an oligopoly but I did not realize the extent. Seeing this was a moment of realization, that what I read was real, this one company has its hands in every pot. I have also noticed how much media means to people, I was speaking to one of my friends and I mentioned that I thought marvel was better that DC and she became very upset at me. It occurred to me that being a DC comics fan was a part of her identity, before I knew that people took entertainment personally but it was not actively looking for it. I have increased my ability to analyze the media I consume, now I am more aware of the way industries target audiences. One of the easiest ways this can be seen is in commercials, advertisers make there for a specific audience, video game commercials are a good example Game of Wart has a woman in its commercials who speaks in an alluring voice and invites audiences to come join her. She is there for the male gaze, men are the desired customers that companies look for, so she is there as a way of saying that this game will make the player feel special and receive the

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