Media Relations In Public Relations

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Media relations can be defined as one of the most significant areas of the practice of public relations. (Shaw&White, 2004) It enhances the practice of public relations by serving a systematic, strategized and mutually beneficial relationship between journalists and the public relations practitioners to build credibility, understanding and respect between the two parties. (Supa&Zoch, 2009) It is essential to cultivate a positive and healthy relationship between public relations practitioners and journalists because journalists tend to look at public relations practitioners in a negative way where they believe that they spin information to get free publicity which making it difficult for journalists to report legitimate news and at the same time, against the basic rules of news writing. (Fedler and DeLorme, 2002) Another study by Kiranjit and Halimahton (2006) also suggests that public relations practitioners and journalists are very much sceptical about each other’s role and the relationship between two of them is doubtful and uncertain. From the point of view of public relations practitioners, they complaint that journalists do not understand the role of public relations. On the other side, journalists tend to think that public relations …show more content…

Public relations practitioners in general or media relations practitioners in particular communicate information to journalists by using information subsidies which can be defined as ‘efforts of news sources to intentionally shape the news agenda by reducing journalists’ costs of gathering information’. Information subsidies such as press release, statements, speeches, conferences help the company to communicate information to the journalists as well as setting the news agenda. (Kelly,

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