Media Report: Leenijha Has Come Home

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PER REPORTER: Leenijha has came home and tore the house up. She is disrespectful and terrible. She doesn't come home off the school bus. When asked where is the child, the grandmother said she doens't know because the child did not get off the school bus this evening. Reporter was told by law enforcement to make a report and get DHS involved. Reporter is concerned about the child and concerned that someone will hurt her. Reporter wants the child away from the home. Reporter stated in the homeis herself, child, and the child's father. The mother is in prison. Reporter stated the child's other grandmother lives in Alabama. She brought the child to MS and dropped her off last year with nothing. Reporter stated she doesn't want anyone to hurt the child.…show more content…
She has broken in the reporter's shed. She broke in the first shed and stole money that the grandmother was saving. Reporter stated she asked the child what was she "hunting" for and Leenijah said a shirt. Reporter stated the child didn't have anything in the shed. Reporter stated she purchased another shed and the child used a knife to break into it. Reporter stated if Leenijah was a good child she would do anything for her but she is disobedient. Reporter stated she is too old to put up with it and wants the child out of her home. Reporter stated Leenijah doesn't mind her, dad, or anyone. Leenijah doesn't mind her teachers. They have to put her outside the classroom. Per reporter, the dad is sick of her too. She doens't mind him and she does what she wants. Leenijah doesn't want dad to say anything to her. Reporter stated Leenijah is suppose to take medicine and the kind of medicine is unknown. It is unknown if she is taking her
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