Media Reporting On Teen Suicide

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Laila Riaz
Ms. Roach
Modern Literature
19 December 2014
Media Reporting on Teen Suicide
Research shows that more people die from suicide than from car accidents in this day and age (Schworm). Suicide is the act of killing oneself, which is usually caused by some sort of mental illness. In the past few decades the suicide rate in teens has significantly increased causing arguments on how to handle this growing issue. One of the most frequent arguments regarding suicide has been on whether or not teen suicide cases should be made public through media. The media reporting on teen suicides has a positive effect in society because it brings communities together, it prompts teens to receive help, and it shows how families have been affected.
Although suicide has become more apparent in the recent years, its origins have dated back to Anno Domini time period. The earliest reference to suicide was a written piece in 2000 BC named A Man and His Ba. In 1637, a man by the name of John Sym of England wrote one of the first books regarding suicide prevention which was called Lifes Preservative against Self-Killing due to slowly rising suicide rate. In 1868, it became a crime to assist anyone with suicide in the United States. Fast forward to 1931, when US Census surveyed to find out that over twenty-thousand Americans committed suicide that year. In 1968, Dr. Edwin S. Shneidman created the American Association of Suicidology to study suicide signs and risks. In 1983 suicide was named
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