Media Reporting Vicious Cycle

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How would they feel if they read a false and negative article about themselves in a newspaper? Would they feel uncomfortable and unprotected? The typical answer to that question is yes. Most people would feel uneasy about the whole idea of their lives being publicized for others. They would also most likely feel used. However, the scenarios in these questions are a normal and almost daily routine for a celebrity. Thanks to the media, they are forced everyday to have their lives displayed to the public. The whole process of media reporting is a vicious cycle. People should realize celebrities are almost completely legally unprotected from the constant media attention and the scrutiny that comes along with it. Nordhaus (1999) wants people to realize current laws are not designed to protect celebrities the way they should be nowadays. He believes that more laws should be enforced to protect the safety and lives of famous people. Nordhaus also states that the “media attention has resulted in a complete loss of privacy for the individuals involved,” which is a huge negative aspect of being a celebrity. Of course, people do not view celebrities as normal people. Although they do have highly public jobs, whether it is being a singer, an athlete, a writer, and so on, they are just like the rest of the people in the world. They are human, and it is not fair…
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