Media Reports And Police Brutality

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Media Reports and Police Brutality The purpose of my proposed research is to study the effect of media reports on the current Americans’ perceptions of police brutality. Police brutality has been a headline topic for debate for the past century. This topic’s popularity has grown recently due to advancements in media technology over the past two decades. Police brutality is a problem in the United States for both, citizens and police officers. It is important to study the effect that mass media coverage of police use of force has on Americans’ perceptions to find out if the initial coverage of these events creates a bias in them. It has been found that celebrated crime events are portrayed differently than normal crime reports on the news;…show more content…
The outcome is disrespect for police officers and people disobeying commands; which can cause dangerous situations. This leads to the proposed research question; Do media reports effect the current Americans’ perception of police brutality? Looking at this information can help explain some hostility towards law enforcement. This research will look at data collected by multiple surveys and field research that has been carried out over the past decade. The data that is collected will be able to give us a better look at the amount of media the public consumes and what their perceptions are on police brutality. This proposal will review the research and data collected by others who have previously studied this topic and outline a new study. Prior studies have examined the media’s effect on the public’s perception on how effective the police are. The proposed study will attempt to look deeper into how much the media truly effects how often the public perceives that misconduct and brutality incidence occur among police forces. Literature Review These articles attempt to find out what the public’s views are on the police; mainly their views on how prevalent police misconduct and police brutality is. The studies that are reviewed and carried out in these sources are important to the criminal justice system because they portray the effects that the media has on the public’s perception of the job
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