Media Representation Of Gender And Gender

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Critically review key issues in one of the following areas of media representation: ethnicity, gender, sexuality or any one select area of your choice Introduction This essay will critically discuss key issues of the media representation of gender. Firstly media representation and gender will be defined and conceptualised, then theories of media representation regarding gender will be discussed in depth and evaluated. The key issues of media representation of gender will be discussed critically from the viewpoints of different sociologists; for example stereotypes of femininity and masculinity and their social construction. The politics of representation, marginalisation, under representation, subordination of women and limiting women’s perceptions as well as how the news, television and adverts were responsible for the annihilation of women symbolically will be discussed. Media’s representation of women reflects the values and dominant male attitudes in society and teaches the youth how to behave and believe in traditional sex roles are considered, along with a discussion of the negative effects of representation of women in advertising. Many other key issues of different aspects of media representation of gender with examples will be discussed, and finally the essay will draw to a conclusion. Media representation of gender: Media representations are to be found in all aspects of ‘mass media’ e.g. film, TV, magazine, advertising, music, videos, etc. According to Orgad S
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