Media Representation Of The Body

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The 21st century is grappling in a constant battle with media representation of the body and the continuous depictions of it in provocative and sexualized styles blasted at young adult and child audiences. As a result, these kids are all being rapidly exposed to sex and images of what is considered ‘sexy’, which quickly becomes a norm for them. Thus, our civilization struggles to formulate controls and laws on these forms of media that, especially when it comes in tandem with the varied technological developments as newer and better forms of them are pumped out every second, distort the individuals of what provocative images can be distributed. It becomes even more difficult to form boundaries around things like sex or the sexualisation in this era, where sex is seen everywhere by these young audiences. As such the “understanding of childhood change[s] the cultural and legal fields as [the] conservative forces push for expanded definitions of childhood and increasing restrictions on children, while capitalist marketing sexualizes consumption practices” (Kleinhans 1) therefore there is this area of inactivity, where society does not know how to address teens engaging in sexual activities that are illegal by current standards. Thus, the inability to comprehend teens sexualisation and experimentation in a technologically advanced era, creates an inconsistency between laws and the understanding of them. To truly deal with the advancing child pornography scene, laws need to be
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