Media Representation Of Women 's Sports

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When men engage in sports, it is seen and interpreted as an opportunity for them to exhibit dominance in the masculinity and as an expression of heterosexuality. When women have traditionally engaged in sports, it has caused commentators to question one’s heterosexuality, to question their femininity, and to almost ridicule the idea of women engaging in a traditionally male-dominated activity. This analysis focuses on media representations of men and women in sports, and the differences that exist in the way that these stories are covered. This exploration will feature Canadian-based media coverage as it pertains to women and men engaged in hockey.
This analysis shows a changing in the guard of how women’s sports are being covered. The increasing feminism movement in sports with icons such as former MMA UFC fighter Ronda Rousey leading the way in combination with an increasing in feminine issues being covered by the media has meant a change in the way women’s sports are featured. Though gender still has a major influence over the coverage of women’s hockey and a traditional heteronormative gender role is communicated at several points of these pieces, the conversation has moved away from being an exposition on the strangeness of women’s engaging in a men’s sports to becoming a celebration of women in sports. What this encouragement does communicate however is the ability of these women to leave behind stereotypically heteronormative feminine traits and take on the masculine…
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