Media Responsibility Of Women In Sports

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As humans, we need to work out and practice sport. No matter what our levels are or our gender. Seimone Augustus, Laure Manaudou, Hope Solo or Serena Williams; are those names familiar to you? Chances are that even hearing these names, that probably most of people would not recognize these athletes, perhaps it will be due to the fact that they are women trying to gain recognition in a male dominated world of sports such as Basketball, Swimming, Soccer and Tennis.
Since the introduction of title 9, women’s involvement in college and professional sports has drastically increased, but the media representation of women’s events is still significantly less than that of men’s, despite women making up more than half the world population. With that
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And with all others reasons that I developed in the discussion, we can infer that the audience and the money also are considered in the debate. So we cannot ignore all those factors which lead to media responsibility of popularity in sports between men and women.

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