Media Review: Amanda's troubles surrounded by the public Essay

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Looking towards the media with regards to the spectacle and particularly the spectacle in relation to celebrities, I find that when the spectacle focuses around celebrities, they usuaually focus on their rise and falls of being a star. Celebrities are everywhere, and the public strive on them, whether they are a good influence or bad influence. The public is attracted to anything celebrity related, they want to be consumed by the gossip. Therefore, I choose to do my media review on Amanda Bynes on the Showbiz Tonight show clip. Describe the spectacle as being the focus of the public, having massive exposure of events and people. This clip highlights her fall as a celebrity while bringing in evidence of a past interview. The focus of…show more content…
Trying to decipher if it is really Lindsay responding to the actions of Amanda, or her “team” is a tough call, or could it have easily been a fans account? What verification is it stating that it is actually Lindsay Lohan? Anyone can create an account and call it Lindsay Lohan, even someone who works at this news station. Then during the whole clip at the bottom has a strip saying “Is Amanda Bynes the new Lohan?” as well as “All that trouble! Former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes in trouble with the law”. Amanda was referred to the Nickelodeon star, thus relating her back to her childhood and younger years in her life, which generally those years are still innocent with most human beings. I see this as since they categorized Amanda with Nickelodeon, they relate Amanda with an innocent identity even as she grew. They also touch upon this as her being innocent during the flashback interview where A.J. Hammer “You must deal with a lot of the same pressures as Lindsay Lohan (same age) Brittany Spears has a lot of pressures as well, you’ve really managed to stay away from all of that and not fall into those traps, and yet I have to imagine you could see where that might be easy to do. And why it happens” (Showbiz Tonight). This quote is referring to the fact that she was still so innocent and was able to stay out of trouble. Thus later referring to the

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