Media Rooted Aggression And Its Effects On Society

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Travis Smith Mrs. Kirkland ENG 131 10/3/16 “Media Rooted Aggression” In the modern world which we live in it is easy for the human psyche to place blame on media for the violence which it portrays. The constant onslaught of information being forced down our throats leaves us shaken and weary. Society has been lead to believe that life as we know it is teetering on the edge of chaos and destruction on a daily basis. Although fundamentally this is true in the grand scheme of the cosmos. Our lives will meander on, even if they may not be as action packed or intertwined in the depths of passion as we so wish for. Since the dawn of new age media, its effects on society have been a subject of widespread debate. The American Psychological association has come to the conclusion that watching Bugs Bunny or The Three Stooges leads to a public which craves aggression. A public which has been exposed to blood and gore by means of gaming consoles such as Sega genesis, Nintendo 64, Mircosoft’s Xbox gaming systems, and the oh so dreaded Play Station. There is no doubt that these fantastic creations have shaped the world around us in many ways. Counter cultures arising around the world seemingly overnight. In the beginning of the video game universe, in November of nineteen seventy-two, there was the ground breaking new system supporting “Pong” from Atari incorporated. Which ushered in a new age of computer engineering revolving around a world of gamers hungry for more. It was not
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