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The social media issues gripping our children Social media has a huge impact on young people’s lives. Over 60% of 8-12 year-old kids are ar least on one of social media sites, and most of them spend 2-3 hours on social media. It’s true that social media sites could possibly present opportunities to youth who participate with them, but same as any other activities there are also associated risks. It is important for parents to teach their children how use these sites wisely. And prevent any potential threats; such as, cyber bullying, vulnerability to predatory adults and sharing personal sexual photos. Because young and adult male predators are ruining so many young girls lives by coercing them to send naked pictures. Therefore, it’s leading to terrible results. And it is the family’s job to keep the young people in the family safe and teach them about this matter. One year ago a 10 year old girl and her mother went to a psychologist’s called Michael Carr-Gregg's as he mentioned “the girl’s body was thrummed with anxiety”. because the girl had been coerced by a 10-year-old boy at her school into texting him a photograph of her breasts. "He coerced her in a series of six or seven messages, and finally she did," said Dr Carr-Gregg. "And then he sent it off to 37 of his mates." And the result was a disaster. A 10 year-old girl became so depressed, very withdrawn, she had stomachaches, headaches and nightmares. She did not want to go to school anymore. Simply her whole life was

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