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Media sources are not the best thing to think about when you want to be informed with news and other special events. Most sources can mislead people and society as a result. So how can media source's effect people and our society.

Media sources can manipulate people's brains to think differently about different people or events.Media effects me in many different ways. Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, and news outlets all have different critics who state different ideas about a specific topic. The content that is shared, occasionally, influences the way I think about the topic. Most of these, are on the Internet which has all of the examples I stated. The Internet is the most voted thing people choose to get information about events and other continental occasions. The Internet can be good sometimes, but mostly it contains drama and cyber bullying. Every time I get on the Internet, I see people bragging and fussing about their life and what they are doing. Not only it affects me it also affects our society and economy.

The Internet affects our society as-well by creating groups or cliques to take down a certain objective or any other important phenomenon. By this action, it can influence people to do idiotic doings and hurt themselves or
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People need the Internet to survive. If we did not have the internet we would be no where. People need the internet to look up facts and things that happen in the pass. Parents need the internet because they can look up jobs or school. The Internet makes kid stay on their phone all day. Teachers need the Internet the most because if they did not they would have no school well they would but, no real learning. The best thing in the world is the internet that is why they made it. Also, it can contain ads that the content on it states opinions about a reason to buy the object , but without thinking if it is a false advertisement. Which can affect your life very
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