Essay about Media & Sports: How did Baseball get Affected by Steroids?

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The media affects society in positive and negative ways. This can be seen in America’s national pastime baseball. Baseball is a sport that became the national sport in the United States in the late 19th century. From the beginning of the sport they tried to keep the highest standards to each player and ball club. There were times of scandal, but of all the things that happen to baseball substance abuse has been portrayed as one of the worst thing a player could do. To defame the baseball was to ruin everything the sport stood for. This research paper will look at one of the worst blotches in baseballs history, the steroid era. The steroid era as many know now started roughly 2003, but there was a time in which many forget. In…show more content…
Baseball traditionalists got wind of this after a while though and charged the mound in essence to prove doping was wrong. That doing steroids undercuts baseball as a whole and its records left behind by legends. The medical community as a whole would later back this up and told of the serious side effects that ranged from male breast development to mood swings that would be later known as ‘roid rage. This would not be good for the public because the fans emulate what their idols do and if that’s what they believe needed to be done to be more like them they would. Eventually in almost every high school in the country, young athletes are told about these health risks associated with using Performance-enhancing drugs. This was only the beginning, soon the media would start to look down more upon what is going on in baseball and they would pursue it. In 2002 the Major League Baseball Players Association executive director was asked a question by Senator Byron Dorgan, “Is there a problem?” The Senator know there was a problem because a recent National League Most Valuable Player admitted to using steroids in a Sports Illustrated cover story. The MVP Ken Caminiti even admitted to no regrets for steroid use because of the prevalence in the major league (Steroid Era). The media helped baseball lovers push for more testing. In 2002 the major league players and managers both agreed for

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