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The following report is on any popular television advertisement with regards to any of the following 3 categories
• Age
• Ethnicity
• Gender
This report I will focus on the following topics.
• Breakdown of characters
• How characters are represented?
• Actions and dialogues of the characters
• The style (genre) of the advert and its focus – what is it selling?
• The impact that all of the above might have on perceptions, attitudes or actions of audience members
For my assignment I have chosen to study the television advert for Dove Pro-age. The categories that I have chosen to focus on for this assignment is age and gender. The advert is found on the following web page
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She too is fully naked but exposes a lot more of her body than the other three women. Elke body features are very slender toned, sexy, muscular and her image shows outstanding beauty for the elder women for today society. She shows in this image that beauty has no age limit.

Mirinette Morrison.
Mirinete Morrison is from London, she is aged about 54 and Mirinette is a full-time house wife. She has raised 3 daughters aged 18, 24 and 26. Mirinete is firm believers in you; have to be happy within yourself. She also quote in article with UK Mail "If your heart is beautiful, your skin is beautiful, you are beautiful."
This photo of Mirinete presents a social character for a nation of people, how amazing she looks into the naked eye. Mirinete is naked but as like all the other women photos there are only so much of the body you can see. Mirinette show in this image her grey hair, full figure shape. This photo is truly should inspire women, regarding what race, size and age you are you are still beautiful.

Diana Harewood-Baynes
Diana Harewood-Baynes is from London, age 56 when this photo was taken for the Dove Pro-Age advert. A Diana occupation is Artist and alternative Therapist in London.
Diana’s characteristics portrays from this image, she young at heart with her funky costume jewellery, her slim tone body, very feminine and grey hair tightly cut. Even done Diana is naked she is still only showing her arms, legs
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