Media Tourism Of Kenwood House

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1. Media Tourism of Kenwood House Symbolic Pilgrimages A pilgrimage is a journey that has a spiritual significance. It is a journey to a particular location because the location is important to a person’s belief and faith. In the past, it was used to describe religiously minded people travelling to a symbolically religious place. Nowadays, it is also used for fan tourism. Fans visit a specific place because a film or television show they like are associated with that location. These real places symbolise the significance of fan culture (Couldry, 2008). Kenwood House is the former personal home of the aristocratic Murray and Guinness families and is in Hampstead, London, on the northern boundary of Hampstead Heath. There were many…show more content…
In another way, someone can own things that are significantly better than others, and if they do, then that person is deemed to have a luxurious lifestyle. In Downton Abbey, Lord Grantham’s family are living in the real Highclere Castle; they do not work and are served by a lot of servants while most people are living in cottages and have to work very hard. The picture here is about British fine dining. It is a luxurious lifestyle. All the gentlemen are smartly dressed in white ties, their clothes are very posh, very expensive. All the ladies are wearing expensive dresses and jewellery, providing a historical example of conspicuous consumption and a luxurious lifestyle. Julian Fellowes uses Downton Abbey to represent Lord Grantham’s conspicuous consumption. Living in Downton Abbey with a small army of servants symbolises the luxurious lifestyle. It matches Chinese people’s interest very well, combining conspicuous consumption and luxurious lifestyles in a sophisticated way. As a result, the combination of ‘Britishness’ is very dramatic and magnificent. Travelling to England to visit Kenwood House is an example of conspicuous consumption. It demonstrates a luxurious lifestyle to the people who like the British aristocracy. Times have changed and the function of Kenwood House has changed. Its original purpose was to provide a luxurious lifestyle to upper-class people. It was built for making money. Currently, the

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