Media Vehicles and Their Types

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MEDIA VEHICLES AND THEIR TYPES: Deciding to include advertising in the communication mix process is a relatively easy decision compared to deciding which media and media vehicle (for example which magazine or which cancel on TV, etc.) Most of the advertising budget gets spent on the media (and not the creative or production side).This is why a careful planning, negotiating and knowledge skills are very important. Expertmedia planners and buyers got the best out of the advertising by finding the right spaces or places for an ad campaign at the lowest cost. There are a wide variety of media available today for the advertisers to choose from. The decision is depended on a lot of factors at the same time it is a very crucial decision since the…show more content…
The new media would include internet and short message service (SMS). New media is different from traditional media on a number of fronts, bu the most important being the time that elapses between message receipt and response. With new media the advertisers can target tightly clustered audiences with well defined messages. INTERNET ADVERTISING The World Wide Web is a hybrid medium, which shares characteristics with mass communication as well as interpersonal communication. The medium combines the ability of the mass media to disperse a message to a wider audience with some of interpersonal communication’s possibilities of feed-back and interaction. From a marketing view point, one of the implications of this is that exposure and action advertising and transactions can be integrated. Since the medium is interactive, users of the World Wide Web play a much more active role in the communication process than users of traditional mass media. Where traditional mass media are characterized by an information push, the communication processes on the Web are driven by a basic information pull, meaning that the control balance of the communication process has shifted in favor of the user. The immense body of information available to the individual user further pushes the control of the communication process towards the user, and has lead to a highly fragmented content structure that allows the

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