Media Violence And The Matrix

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Media Violence and The Matrix
By Amaya Whitworth
Psychology 355
University of Southern California

Media Violence and The Matrix
What would draw someone to kill their own parents? In 2003, 19 year old Josh Cooke shot and killed his mother and father. What was particularly interesting about this murder case was Cooke was obsessed with the movie The Matrix and cited the film as one of the reasons for this murder. The Matrix is a movie about an alternate reality that is simulated by a computer, and the heros in the film fight, often with guns and other weapons, against those who are running this computer simulator. Cooke had spent days in his room rewatching the movie and doing what he could to make sure that he didn 't have to leave. According to his attorney, Cooke came to believe that he was living in this fictional world and began to see himself as one of the main characters. His obsession crossed into real life when he bought a gun very similar to the one the main character uses in the film with the intent of using it to hurt others. He had planned to carry out more attacks after the murder of his parents, but turned himself.
There is no question that television and films these days are filled with violence and antisocial behavior. Virtually every show, movie or news story nowadays has some sort of violent theme. Studies have shown that for every hour of television, there are 6 violent exchanges shown, and this number increases to 14 exchanges an hour
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