Media Violence Effects on Society

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Media Violence: Effects on society

“Millions of teens have seen the 1996 movie Scream…Scream opens with a scene in which a teenage girl is forced to watch her jock boyfriend tortured and then disemboweled by two fellow students who, it will eventually be learned, want revenge on anyone from high school who crossed them. After jock boy's stomach is shown cut open and he dies screaming, the killers stab and torture the girl, then cut her throat and hang her body from a tree so that Mom can discover it when she drives up. A dozen students and teachers are graphically butchered in the film, while the characters make running jokes about murder. At one point, a boy tells a big-breasted friend she'd better be careful because the stacked girls
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First, it is important to consider that there are almost an unlimited number of other factors that can influence ones behavior. The reason an individual will commit a violent act is based on millions of past experiences, memories, and actions. We know that media can affect behavior but how much is still unknown.
In a closed off lab environment we can study how much media violence effects behavior. The strength of the correlation between media violence and aggressive behavior found on meta-analysis (in the lab) is greater than the correlation between that of tobacco smoke and lung cancer. (Bar-on) So, when everything else is taken away we can see that there is a definite correlation between violence in the media and violent behavior. The reason for this is that people imitate what they see on TV. This is especially true for children.
Media does affect behavior. The problem is that we don’t know how much because there are so many factors. Studies have been done but there is a lot of inconclusive research.
Links to Society We know that violent media is very popular and a lot of people are exposed to it, also we know that in closed conditions it causes violent behavior. The real question is does violent media cause violence in society. Violent media’s effect on society is hard to fully understand. The first clue we have is the statistics. Take for example video violence and actual violence
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