Media Violence and Effects on the American Family Essay

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Facts About Media Violence and Effects on the American Family * In 1950, only 10% of American homes had a television and by 1960 the percentage had grown to 90%. Today 99% of homes have a television. In fact, more families own a television than a phone. (1) * 54% of U.S. children have a television set in their bedrooms. (2) * Children spend more time learning about life through media than in any other manner. The average child spends approximately 28 hours a week watching television, which is twice as much time as they spend in school. (3) * The average American child will witness over 200,000 acts of violence on television including 16,000 murders before age 18. (4) * Polls show further that three-quarters of…show more content…
(9,21) * Fifty-five percent of children questioned usually watch television alone or with a friend, but not with their families. (13) * According to the National Television Violence Study, the context in which violence is portrayed is as important to its impact as the amount of violence. The study concluded that 66% of children's programming had violence. Of the shows with violent content three-quarters demonstrated unpunished violence and when violence occurred 58% of the time, victims were not shown experiencing pain. (14) * Forty-six percent of all television violence identified by the study took place in children's cartoons. Children's programs were least likely to depict the long-term consequences of violence (5%) and they portray violence in a humorous fashion 67% of the time. (14) * The use of parental warnings and violence advisories made the programs more of a magnet than they might otherwise have been. Parental Discretion Advised and PG-13 and R ratings significantly increased boys' interest in the shows, although they made girls less interested in watching. (14) VIDEO GAMES AND CYBERSPACE VIOLENCE * The
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