Media Violence and Its Influence on Children

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Some of the violence found in teens and children increase each year because of all the violence parents let their children watch. Letting children play or see to much violent things can harm them later. Violence today is not just cause by media, there's a lot of other reason violence is increasing this days, but media is one of the top reasons.Violence from media is more found in children and teens. Violence found in children and teens could be increasing because of the influence of movies and TV shows, video games, and social media. Violence found in Movies and TV shows could give inappropriate ideas to children and teens to have unsuitable behavior. Movies and TV shows that contain violence could make teens and children feel like they can do anything, and could end up hurting others or themselves . If younger children are exposed to visual media violence, such as the movie Freedom Writers, could cause a lot of damage because of all the shooting. Some movies and TV shows got delay after the shooting in Connecticut. It is found that a younger person would most likely act like their favorite character in a movie or show (Anderson 28). For that fact, movies and TV shows’ young viewers could be involved in shootings and come across illegal substances. That could be one of the causes of the increase of today’s violence. Obama said he would try to do everything in his power to prevent tragedies such as these from happening (Edmund A6). Video games that contains
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