Media and Celebrities

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Name: Natalia Chekhoeva Subject: Media Question is: To what extent is the media impacted by the rise of celebrities? Media is a huge area which connects people around the world, informs them, entertains and educates them. It is impossible to imagine a contemporary world without media. Media is the Internet, music, television, advertising and billboards on the streets. One of the most important parts of the media are celebrities. People originally like to know about the life of famous people, they follow their life experiences, their clothes, their ordinary life; people like to copy their idols. Celebrities by themselves use such famous Internet services like FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace to communicate with fans, to raise their…show more content…
Wright A. (2008) states, ‘’ In this digital era, it is not difficult to find information about celebrities, no matter how personal; private addresses of stars have been posted in both gossip columns and traditional media outlets”. Nowadays people know more about Beckhams family rather than about politics. In the Internet people can find not just beautiful photos of famous people in dresses and costumes, it is full of paparazzi photos and private celebrities videos. People know not just their good parts of life; they know mostly everything about their divorces, scandals and other bad thing that can happen in the life. It can be considered as interference in private life, it is why many celebrities are arguing about benefits of media on their lives. Many celebrities are arguing about that because like any other ordinary person they want their private life to stay private. However there is a very widespread case that celebrities are showing their private life on television or online by creating a reality show. For example it happened to the Osborne family. Ozzi Osborne finished his career a long time ago but he has a very creative and interesting family and MTV decided that it would be great attraction for people. They made four seasons of this show and it was highly successful. After them Jessica Simpson and Nick Lishe appeared with the analogue of it. Today MTV is showing a similar show about Kim
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