Media and Cultural Influences on Sexual Orientation

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Media and Culture Influence on Sexual Orientation
Select a topic that interests you. Introduction. Media has great influence over the way people live their lives. The question is, do media or culture influence sexual orientation?
Describe this social issue. Make the argument that this issue is important. Use anecdotal evidence (personal experiences) or statistical data to establish your arguments. Media and culture are important in America because they have great influence over people. They have a part in what people choose to buy, what they decide to wear, how they may do their makeup or hair, and their self-image. Media and culture affect how people see themselves, as well as their traditions, language, or cultural norms. Although media and culture can positively influence people by inspiring new ideas and lifestyles, there are definitely negative influences as well. According to The Eating Disorder Foundation, one third of women are on a diet at any given time, and over 10 million women are dealing with an eating disorder as well as low self-esteem in order to look like supermodels on television. Media and culture may even influence sexual orientation. Whether this is in a positive or negative way, This is important because whom a person is attracted to is not something someone can force to change. Being able to love someone for who they are despite gender similarities or differences is not something that should be discriminated against. Loving whom a
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