Media and Digital Communication Systems

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Abstract With the advent of information technology, the ways different aspects of life work and operate have changed a great deal. Media has always had a great influence in molding the culture of a society. There was a point of time when television and radio were invented and when computer was invented and there was little connection between the two. Time then travelled fast then through the age of cassettes, records, VCDs, DVDs, flash drive and then the internet. Media also started to go satellite on a massive scale and there came a point of time when media and digital communication systems became closely integrated with one another, opening the dimensions to digital media. Introduction Digital media not only played immense role in supporting the entertainment industry, but also added a whole new dimension to and redefined how education system was imparted and businesses were operated. It also opens doors for new methods of employment. Digital Media is also now becoming an aggressive tool for marketing. This paper evaluates strategic analysis of Showtime Entertainment, a company dealing in the home entertainment industry. While Showtime Entertainment is a US based multinational, it plans to take its operations to Philippines. Product Overview So far, Dish TVs, decoders and cable systems have been the primary source of home entertainment based on a range of satellite systems. Showtime Entertainment is one company that has changed the way home entertainment
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