Media and Feminine Beauty

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Mass Media such as films, advertisements and magazines are the huge influence on the definition of feminine beauty. From watching movie to passing through the subway station, it is quite often to see numerous images of female faces and bodies. Women are exposed in the world where most women display in films and on subway advertising boards are striking poses with little clothes on. Moreover, every image showed is airbrushed with Photoshop. Women are exposed with images produced by the media on what is considered to be the ideal face and body. The way media portray feminine beauty today changes the publics’ standard on feminine beauty and even how females view themselves. This essay will explain the impact of media in
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People do not admire beauty from sculptures and paintings only. This is a media age where visual images change in seconds. From the perspective of those popular media today, thinness has become a basic requirement, big eyes, straight nose and pointed chin are perceived as beautiful.

How the media portrays feminine beauty to women

3.1 Photo retouching and hyper-reality
When reading magazine, surfing the net or walking down the street, it is normal to see loads of beautiful models and actress on cover of Vogue or on billboards all over Hong Kong these days. Most of them have flawless skin, showing off their long toned legs, flat tummy and body with no cellulite. It is understandable that they suppose to look good as they pose for magazine or advertise for slimming centre, but somehow they all seem too perfect to be real. Most photos on display are absolutely flawless, those girls do not even have pores or a single wrinkle. Even the model herself confused by the outcome, Doutzen Kroes who works as a model for Victoria’s Secret once put it to Stuff magazine, "Sometimes it's a struggle to keep up with my own photos, where the lighting is perfect, the makeup is done and the images have been retouched. That's not what I see when I look in the mirror!" So, it turned out all is not as it seems, every image is not technically real as it has been retouched.

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