Media and Its Effects on Society

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Media and its Effects on Society Media plays a crucial role in our life nowadays. It serves as a bridge that connects people to the world, leading to a global exchange of information and knowledge. Media also offers platform for people to voice their thoughts on political and social issues, providing room for different perspectives. Unquestionably, media affects our life in nearly every ways. With a turn of a magazine page, a tune on a radio, or a flip of a TV channel, media somewhat plays a part in our life. Different media coverage can influence the audience interpretation as well as affect the information dissemination. Effective media coverage can lead to positive public viewpoint while poor media coverage can result in disinterest…show more content…
The decline in vaccination rate after Wakefield’s publication clearly reveals the role of media in manipulating public view. The media emphasizing on Wakefield’s hypothesis guides a number of parents to ignore the other side of the story, leading them to completely fall for Wakefield’s claim. Years later, Wakefield was exonerated due to professional misconducts. The discovery on the link of MMR vaccine and autism was found to be a result from contaminated lab equipment, which Wakefield acknowledged. Despite the fact that Wakefield’s study was refuted, parents of autistic children still blame vaccine for the cause of autism. The media propagating Wakefield’s study has led root of anti-vaccine activity set deep in public mind. By disseminating information on Wakefield’s research, the media chooses to present the vaccine controversy in certain way and sways public toward the opponent. The media effect not only sparks but also prolongs the vaccine controversy by providing room for small group of anti-vaccine activists to voice their belief. For instance, Jenny McCarthy, a former Playboy bunny and mother of autistic son, draws the media attention through her emotional stories and anecdotal claims, arguing that vaccines induce autism. Even if McCarthy has no expertise in this field, in Time magazine, a study by the University of Michigan in 2011 shows that 24% of parents place “some trust” in McCarthy’s insight while 40% of Hispanic parents reported they place “a

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