Media and Its Negative Effects

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Media and the Negative Effects on Body Image Many things contribute to how a woman feels about her body. Peer pressure, family history, and age all play important roles in how people feel about how they look. The media can also play a dominant role on body image, as it almost always ties success, health, and happiness with being thin. To clarify body image, it is how you see yourself when you look in the mirror or picture yourself in your mind. With the constant exposure to media images of the “ideal” female body it is presenting an unrealistic “ideal” difficult to achieve and maintain it can lead to depression, lower self-esteem, and increases unhealthy eating habits. The average model portrayed in the media is approximately 5'11"…show more content…
There are several possible ways of producing change in the way media and society portray the ideal female body and the consequences of this standard. First, the media has a large influence on women’s body image that they should change the images and messages that the media present and use a much wider range of models of different sizes and shapes. This change would discourage the idealization of the unattainable form, and would encourage readers and viewers to see a wide range of body types as acceptable (Dolan, 1994, p 51). Second, Jean Chow PhD RN suggest that education may be an approach to reducing the media’s impact on an individual’s self image perception that women are more than objects of beauty and success in life is not dependent on one’s dress size (2004). Another solution may be for women to be more selective of the media they choose to read, such as magazines with ads that attribute similar positive characteristics to heavy and thin people. How can we tell our children that it’s what on the inside that counts, when the media continuously contradicts this message? The images used in fashion magazines typically portray women in an unrealistic thin ideal and causes women to experience lower self-esteem and internalized body dissatisfaction and the desire to have the perfect body is so strong that they are willing to trade their health in exchange
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