Media and Its Responsibilities Essay

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Mass Media: A platform to give strength to the weak or a loaded gun in the hands of humanity? “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth…because they control the minds of the masses” (Malcom X, 2012). Media has responsibilities and these responsibilities need to be clarified and upheld by society. Unfortunately, media today does not abide by moral standards, which in turn sends mixed messages to our society. Often times these messages are demoralizing, desensitizing, and false. Young people and adults alike are trying to navigate through their lives and through the world with a broken compass. The role media plays in issues such as self-worth, bullying, and suicide need to be addressed and revised. I will discuss media and…show more content…
The people of today and the generations of tomorrow will all benefit by this change and live by higher morals and standards. Going social with content gives it a better chance of being seen, but a more collective approach to understanding people and coming to a realization of what true virtues really are as well as reestablishing the core of moral virtues before blasting toxic content greatly raises the chances that society will actually care. Truly virtuous peoples have proper motives. With this in mind, people are truly driven by their inner virtues; their heart, their desire, their belief, their determination, their decision, their vision, and their dream. Unfortunately, statistics and media alike do not take these crucial, solid, and powerful inner virtues into consideration. Media needs to focus more on the inside and less about the outside, hence, proper motives. One branch of media that pops in mind when I think of proper motives is The Biggest Loser. This is media and virtues at its best. This show brings lies to the front light and holds people accountable, something that media does only part of the time and in a narrated voice. The contestants on The Biggest Loser are put together from all different places and back grounds. One factor that the contestants all share is coming to know the show and its raw positive results, with the help from mass media. This brings hope to the table. This brings the hope that a virtuous person can indeed
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