Media and Sport: What Could the Possible Link Be?

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Introduction Media and sport. What could the possible link be? What influence does the media have on the participants involved in Formula 1? Who are these participants involved? In which ways are they influenced? And lastly, are there various methods used to involve media in sport or vice versa? These are all questions which should be asked in order to understand the link between media and sport. Media involvement in sport Where Formula 1 is concerned, the media is a great platform for a great number of things. Does it promote the sport? Off coarse it does. Does it communicate the ins and outs of the sport to its fan base and critics? Well, it has to. Media involvement gives motor sport enthusiasts all around the globe an opportunity to sit beside the worlds most renowned racetracks, listening to the roaring sound of 22, now 1.6 V6 turbocharged, engines as they pass by. The viewing figures of F1 have, however, dropped astoundingly to 450 million in 2013 from a previous 515 million in 2011, but, Formula 1 still remains the annual sport series which is most-watched across the world. Formula 1 needs the media to main an influx of funds. The media has both positive and negative effects regarding sports coverage. It has the ability to generate sponsorships for the different teams, an example in Formula 1 would be the Red Bull Racing team who want to create a link between their product and the sport by advertising energy and rapidity . Media coverage also creates
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