Media and Violence Essay

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In the globalization era, the first power among in this world is media. It is very important to recognize that media violence has been caused several problems in everyday life, especially, television, because we cannot only hear the sound but we can see the visual as well. If we think carefully about media violence, it has roots in the unease that has historically been expressed whenever a new entertainment or communications medium appears on the scene that appeals to the masses. We can seen, as John Fiske writes on his book, Understanding Popular Cultural in 1989: “Represented violence is popular (in a way that social violence is not) because it offers points of relevance to people living in societies where the power and…show more content…
However, as Gerbner demonstrates on the power of media violence, “It shows one’s place in the ‘pecking order’ that runs society”. In addition, violence could be defined as exertion or the threat of physical force that may affect to body harm. Thus, the reports of violence on acts are not in proportion with the ratio of other news. The limitation of public is largely its view of effects of exposure to media violence as aggressive behavior. It could be due to the fact that the public rarely considers that there may be effects that are physiological, emotional, attitudinal, and cognitive. Moreover, the public continuingly complains that there is too much violence that involves in the media, especially on television. As Karen Boyle (1999) drawing on the work of Suzanne Kappeler, writes: “Violence-on and off screen-is an interactional behavior not an isolated act. On-screen, as in life, violent behaviors are not confined to physical blows, but include verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation, threats, imprisonment and other behaviors by which the abuse r enforces-or reinforces-their power and control of others”. In the contemporary content, violence and the threat of violence always combine with the reproduction of power relationships and construction of meaning in the production in all domains of social life. As John and friends (1997) has been illustrated on the way in which people
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