Media is the Most Powerful Tool of Communication

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No one can deny the fact that media is the most powerful tool of communication? Communication and interaction are the constitutive parts of everyday life. Our morning starts with the news that we get from morning newspaper, radio or television. Every generation the developer has a plan to improve media. In the modern world, people consider media as one of the most requirements that people can’t dispense from it. Media is everything, and the world seems to be nothing without it. It is difficult to imagine how people get to know some important news without newspapers, magazines, internet, and radio. Everybody a lot of methods helps him to collect the information. This paper is about defining types of media and their differences, defining the important role that media played, and determining the advantages of media. There are two types of media, and each type has his way to broadcast the information. “These two types are traditional and-social” (Hayles K., 2004). Traditional media includes: radio, magazines, newspapers, television, different publications and so on. Social media is the process of the informational interchange. In recent years, social media became part of everybody’s life. People exchange the information, opinions, news everywhere: in blogs, social networks, forums, etc. People became sources to each other. The importance of social media is rising extremely. There is no doubt that media is very important in our life, but could people live without media? At
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