Media 's Effect On Teens

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The American media industry generates approximately 600 billion dollars annually through its programming and advertisements. The economic system of the United States and tough market competition have led to a massive media boom, and being the largest industry in the United States in terms of revenue, The media have been successful in corrupting people’s mind, with young teens being the largest group of victims. In the current situation, our economic, social and political decisions are widely being influenced by the invisible hands of money hungry media. According to the Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC), the suicide rate is currently the third largest leading causes of death among teenagers, and the numbers are growing day by day. Media’s contribution to this upward trend of suicide may be debatable, but we can’t deny the influence of television commercials on teens. Through false advertisements, unrealistic standard of beauty, and social norms, Media is fueling a national epidemic of teen suicide.

Despite its downside, Mass Media is widely considered to be the breakthrough innovation of the digital age. The broad audience covered by the mass media and its ability to cover and inform the global audiences is considered one of the greatest human achievements of this era. We have prevented an unimaginable number of natural disasters and other life-threatening events due to the wide range of television channels and satellites available to us. However, there are
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