Media 's Goals For The Future

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Throughout history, humans have possessed an intrinsic desire to communicate with one another. Traditionally, communication occurred in the form of face-to-face contact, body language, or via written messages sent from one to another. However, the invention of one particular form of communication, mass communication, has changed the way some messages are sent and received. Mass communication is defined as, “the industrialized production and multiple distribution of messages through technological devices,” and has allowed for the rise of mass media outlets, or “companies that send out messages via mass media” (1). One such outlet is 21st Century Fox, a global media organization involved in the production and distribution of media content across a variety of platforms (2). Throughout this paper, several key aspects of Fox will be analyzed in depth, including the company’s goals for the future, plan to overcome obstacles to achieve these goals, and impacts that achieving these goals will have on consumers. 21st Century Fox has a clear and concise vision for the future of their company. Their main goal, is to reach as wide and as diverse of an audience as possible, in order to maximize their viewership, and thus, profits for shareholders (3). Over the past year, the company has greatly increased the variety of content available to their existing consumers by investing in new media, including films such as The Fault in our Stars, X Men: Days of Future Past, and The Grand
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