Media 's Impact On Society

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The media industry is the state of our actuality. Society expects for the news to keep them informed on what is going on around the world. There are several different kinds of media; there is the newspaper, radio, and television. Each category has its own different stage that has modeled the media to be as influential as it is in society today. Along with all other forms of media, newspapering has played a huge role in the way society view the media industry. Through time many changes have occurred, are occurring, and will continue to develop in the future. The media have an immense impact on society. Newspapers have been influential for hundreds of years. According to Tim Harrower in the third edition of Inside Reporting, “In Caesar’s age, Romans read newspapers handwritten by slaves. Wandering minstrels spread news (and the plague) in the Middle Ages” (Harrower 8). “The history of newspapers is an often-dramatic chapter of the human experience back some five centuries” (Barber 2015). Notably, the first newspaper printed in America was entitled “Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick,” by Benjamin Harris. Harris ran a bookstore where he produced the first and only issue in Boston, in 1960 (Harrower 8). The newspaper was fairly small; the paper was only three pages in length. There was a fourth page that was left blank so that the readers could edit and fill in recently informed news. In result to Harris not having a license, the governor

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