Media 's Impacts On Adolescent Girls

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Media’s Impacts on Adolescent Girls People are bombarded by media on a daily basis. Media, whether on the internet, on street signs, in magazines, or on TV screens, has a lot to do with how girls see themselves because it is always so present. Women all over the internet, on billboards, and in videos have become increasingly sexualized and unrealistic. Media shows them in only underwear, retouched and edited to make them “perfect,” and blown up on posters and signs for everyone to see. Models are becoming thinner. Music videos of popular songs are becoming more about sex and what a woman’s body should look like, raising expectations for adolescent girls. Even television and movies show girls involved in sexual activity at a very young age. Media can in some ways positively influence and teach young women, showing them how to avoid sexual predators, teaching them about their bodies, and setting powerful women as role models, but the amount of ways in which media negatively impacts adolescent women is far higher than its positive impact. Young girls look to the media to tell them what beauty looks like and develop themselves around this image, attempting to fit an unrealistic and objectified standard of beauty and fulfill the expectations of men and society that, in effect, harms their body image. Models in today’s media and advertisements have to fit a certain weight requirement, a figure shown all over the media that has influenced adolescent girls to fit an anemic size.
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