Media 's Influence On African Americans Essay

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The media in the US has been accused of misrepresenting African Americans consequently enhancing their discrimination(The Leadership Conference, 2014). Media is key in reinforcing or advancing specific cultural practices both positive and negative. Research studies conducted on race in media representation identified that from 1955 to 1986, only 6% of media characters were African Americans while 89% were white. Of the identified blacks, 49% lacked high school certification while 475 were poor. The poor representation of the blacks by the media is instrumental in reinforcing the perception that African Americans are inferior to their white counterparts. Given the historical events of the American society, media should make efforts to address racism and related mentalities. Adverts and other mass media content was and continues to enforce racism. The use of racially insensitive caricatures and content with racial undertone continues to bedevil the American society. Given that virtually every household in the US owns a television, broadcasting racially offensive or advancing related themes is bound to reinforce the racist attitudes among Americans.
In the current American society, racism is experienced in many ways; at the workplace, neighborhoods, and social events. In the last few decades, the justice and criminal management system in the US has been accused of discriminating againstAfrican Americans. As earlier highlighted, a significant portion of black teenagers
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