Media 's Influence On Consumer Behavior

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In the modern society, businesses tend to adopt persuasive marketing communication in consideration of various components, including behavioural economics, sociology and psychology. Most conspicuously, all of these essential elements to successful marketing influence one broad concept: consumer behaviours. Businesses that design their advertising strategies based on consumer behaviours often observe, examine and analyze the psychology of spending in an attempt to stimulate consumers’ interests and facilitate sales growth. In this paper, I will discuss two typical examples of advertisements which represent the power of cultural influences, more specifically, how cultures potentially affect and manipulate consumers’ understanding, beliefs, and spending. 1. Video Commercial: BMO Fanfini.
This commercial was published on YouTube by the Bank of Montreal in August 2016. The target audience of this commercial is represented by a culture which includes three aspects: ecology, social structure and ideology. The ecology in this commercial is a developed society with sufficient recourses and internet access. The social structure includes families and individuals living in Montreal, Canada with at least moderate income. The ideology this commercial attempts to grasp includes people who are interested in soccer. According to the three aspects above we can conclude that the target audience for this commercial is people in Montreal who are familiar with soccer games. It is a common
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