Media 's Influence On Media

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Humans have been a focus for marketers for over 100 years and at the rise of the twentieth century, mass media became widely recognized. In a period of mass availability, people today have entry to more media outlets than ever before. According to media scholar Jean Kilbourne,“the average American is exposed to over 3,000 advertisements a day and watches three years’ worth of television ads over the course of a lifetime” (back cover). It is all around us, from the shows we watch on television, the music we listen to on the radio, and to the books and magazines we read each day. Media is the number one source for advertising. Advertising is “a manipulative enterprise that uses subtle techniques to persuade consumers into accepting whatever sales pitch [that is] presented to them (Blades, Oates, and Blumberg 3). The vast majority of people do not think that advertising has any influence on them. To their surprise, “this is what advertisers want the general population to believe; however, if that were true, why would companies spend over $200 billion a year on advertising” (Kilbourne 33)? The media has full control to decide what the public sees and how it is portrayed. Some argue that people benefit from exposure to the media and it’s advertising. The media “provides us with most of our information about the political process” (Buckingham 5). Through news channels such as CNN and Fox News, people are offered an opportunity to learn and develop their own political view and

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