Media 's Influence On Politics

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In the Public Eye: Politics and the Media Much of American life is guided by the influx of information received from the media. This results in the ability of the media to shape or mold the opinions of American society. Media is used in numerous areas concerning politics. “Without the media’s investigations, citizens would be forced to rely entirely on the information provided by politicians and the government, and would be deprived of an indispensable opportunity to evaluate issues carefully and form reasoned opinions” (Ginsberg 251). Through careful analysis of articles written on the media’s influence on politics in America, it became evident that the media greatly controls American political opinions. The power of the media is attributed to its ability to force Americans to think about a certain issue in a certain way. Agenda setting, selection bias, priming, and framing are all factors in the hold the media has over public opinion. “Today the media (new and old) play a central role in American politics, not only in setting the agenda of topics that Americans think about and discuss, but often in swaying opinions on political issues and candidates” (Ginsberg 251). The word media refers to any kind of news coverage, from newspapers and radio broadcasts to video streaming and social networking. Looking back twenty years, the majority of Americans got their political news from the daily newspaper, radio, and watching local and national evening news such as that seen on

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