Media 's Influence On Self Image

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This research will show how media can influence people’s self-image. The purpose of this report is to connect the media’s influence with how people view their own self-image as well as the “ideal” self-image portrayed by the media. The media is a big factor in how people view themselves. This research shows how women, men, children and adolescents are all affected by the media’s influence on self-image. Low self-esteem, body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, as well as some real life examples and new media will all be discussed in this report. The conclusion shows that the media has a definite influence on people’s self-image.

Media Influences Self-Image
Self-image is very important in today’s society. Everyone cares about how they look, dress, how much they weigh, etc. There is no doubt that the media plays a big role in how people view themselves. From television and magazines to social media, they all portray a self-image that is unattainable. Trying to achieve this self-image can potentially have many consequences in people’s lives. These consequences can be anything from a low self-esteem to a seriously unhealthy eating disorder. This paper will show exactly how the media influences people’s self-image. Showing how the media influences women, men, children and adolescents will help people to learn as a society what needs to be done to change these unrealistic and unattainable appearances that are portrayed in the media.…
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